Tuesday, July 11, 2017 0 comments

Confession & Resolution

Blogging again after a long time~
I think I don't write this one to be read by readers
Instead, I need to write to clear things in my head

These days I feel so different
Not in a good way, honestly
People might think my life went smooth and I can't deny it
I agree that I'm blessed beyond what I deserve and people might call me "lucky"
But, inside, I feel that I'm changing
Yeah...maybe I started to being unthankful for things I have now
I started to rely on my own strength, not hopefully surrender things to God
I became a hot-tempered person, as a result for my inability for being patient 
*why it feels like I confess my sins in my blog haha*

I'm tired being a moody person
I'm tired of myself
I want to change to be a better person in character
I don't want to chase money or appearance more than my character because they're all unreliable

I only hope there's a way back to be a person like I used to be, or even being a better person more than I used to be